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Here's a picture of me and some of my girls (left to right: erin, me, jess, lana)

As anyone who frequents this website would know, this is where people are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite bands. They also have the opportunity to leave comments regarding the poll. Here is my response to some of the comments that have been made recently: Here I am...my name is Deirdre..and I'm the one who made this site. One thing that pisses the f*cking hell out of me is the fact that someone had the nerve to write on here that I didn't look "punk" enough to make a punk website. Sorry that I'm not a f*cking poser who goes out and spends $100 at Hot Topic so that I can fit into the punk mold. I wear whatever the hell I want to wear...I take pride in being individualistic, and i don't feel f*cking obligated to dress like a stereotypical "punk". The whole punk ideology is destroyed when you criticize people for what they wear, and all it accomplishes is the production of more sorry posers who don't even understand the meaning behind the punk rock scene...but they dress the part, and are accepted by morons like you. And I don't know where all the hostility on this poll is coming from, considering that I never argued with anyone on here or said that some of these bands aren't mainstream. In fact, I agree that many of them are...however, I don't see a problem with "sellouts" or "mainstream" bands. Punks who criticize other bands for being sellouts are being absolutely hypocritical when you consider the fact that the whole ideal behind the punk rock scene is getting messages out to people. These people who claim to be true "punks" bash the only bands that actually have the ability to get these messages out to mass crowds. Consider this: one major endeavor of the punk rock scene is unity. How the hell is the world ever going to become unified if we can't even unify our own punk rock scene. Stop f*cking fighting with eachother like eighth grade twats. If you don't like a band, don't vote for them. And for the record...no one forces any of you people to come on this site, and I am entitled to put whatever the hell I want to on this site because *gasp*...I'm the one who took the time to freaking make it. And I would just like to thank everyone who supports this website, and understands that punk rock is more than a f*cking fashion statement....From, Deirdre

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Here's another pic of me and the girls

(left to right: carolyn, me, kat, lana).
*And for all you people who want to learn more about the wonderful world of me...