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Billie Joe Speaks

Here is Billie Joe Armstrong's own description of a few of the works that make up his band's upcoming album, "Warning".


I don't know if it's political commentary, because I'm not much of a politician, but the lyrics are taken from warning labels. There are always these warning labels that tell you "don't cross these lines"-"don't do this" and "don't do that". It can become really suffocating. I hate being told what I can and can't do. If they keep making laws, pretty soon we're not going to be doing anything, and all of us are going to be ordering our groceries over the Internet.


Tre was wearing this t-shirt that said: "VERSACE, FASHION VICTIM #1" and it had these bullet holes on it. Not to say that it was good he was shot... but I just started coming up with lyrics about fashion victims and how the media exploits them. You're supposed to have the perfect body to fit these perfect clothes, and you into these stores and there are these clothes that were designed for 11-year old Japanese girls. It's where our society is at- especially as far as our kids fall victim to- 'This is what you're supposed to look like.' It's been part of our society the whole time, but now I think it's escalated. Like these fashion models are donating their eggs for $20,000 a pop so you can make these perfect human beings. To me, that's sort of parallel to Hitler's perfect society.


"Blood, Sex And Booze" is metaphorically about someone being beaten by a dominatrix. But it's really about someone who's being self-destructive and distorting being self-destructive by using it for pleasure. I have no problem with people doing that, but the lines become so blurred.


"Minority" is about being an individual. It's like you have to sift through the darkness to find your place and be the individual that you want to be your entire life.


This song id like crying out for some kind of hope- to not give up, which is pretty heavy. It's not about a specific holiday, but there's one line in it- "Christmas lights in the middle of August" - which is... I like that line.


"Macy's Day Parade" goes: "Today is Macy's Day Parade / Night of the living dead is on sleigh / With the credit report for duty call / It's a lifetime guarantee stuffed in a coffin, 10 percent more free / Red-light special at the mausoleum." It's another song about how you fell marketed-to your whole life. There are all these subliminal messages to tell you to maintain your lifestyle. There's one line in the song that goes, "What's my consolation prize? Economy-size dreams of hope."


Some of the lyrics are about being an individual and trusting your instincts. quit intellectualizing about it, just go on your gut. I realized this pretty recently, but all I ever wanted to do with my band was to reach the potential that I think we had. That's what basically I think people should do - go with their guts, and try to reach their potential. It goes: "When you've lost all hope and excuses / And the chepskates and losers / There's nothing left to hold on to / You've got to hold onto yourself."